Afternoon Snack from Tropicana Room Service, Las Vegas NV

This is the inaugural post in our new category of Hospitality, where we share our tips and recommendations from our traveling experiences.  Of course we will try to keep everything food-related since we’re about “enlightening minds, enriching palates.”

This weekend we are in Las Vegas for NASCAR racing, and we’re staying at the redesigned Tropicana.  At the moment we are sitting in our beautiful club spa suite.  There is a wet bar with a refrigerator and a Keurig machine, a modest sitting lounge, a dining table, and a half-bath in the main area, and behind a large sliding door is the sleeping area with a two-person spa, a combination shower and steam room, and a sauna.  Our bathroom back at home would fit inside of the sauna.  This is the place to stay if you’re looking for a relaxing, restful sanctuary above the Strip.  We’re working on writing posts about breakfast and NASCAR fare, and thought we’d try room service.

chicken quesadilla

chicken quesadilla

Zach liked that the tortillas for this quesadilla plate weren’t average; they were a little thicker like home-made style.  They might not have been home-made, but he could tell they definitely weren’t of corporate origin.  The rotisserie chicken was flavorful, juicy, and succulent.  There was a good amount of cheese, and Zach is “nearly 100% positive that there were green chilies” folded inside, as well.  He says this is a “perfect little snack to tide you over for the few hours before dinnertime.”

chocolate cake

chocolate cake

Since we have a Keurig machine in the room, August wanted something sweet to go with a coffee as she powers through the rest of the day writing and sampling food.  With chocolate butter-cream layers in between chocolate cake layers, chocolate ganache on top, and white chocolate crispies pressed into the side, this was a BFD – a big, flavorful delight!

Bobby brought us our table with the food and a couple of sodas.  He was jovial, energetic, and very accommodating – could he open our drinks? adjust the table? uncover the food?  The Tropicana is lucky to have employees like him, helping to make the guests’ stay above and beyond.

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  1. Heaps of features on these steam showers, I love the radio opinion and the lighting style

  2. How is the steam room/shower? is the steam created from the shower unit? do you need the water running?

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