Beach Cafe, Las Vegas NV

Today was the big day for NASCAR at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and we had to start the day off right with a good breakfast.  Since we’re staying at the redone and upgraded Tropicana, we walked to the Beach Cafe downstairs.  They have a broad buffet, but we ordered off the menu for some special items.

cuban breakfast sandwich

cuban breakfast sandwich

On a bed of breakfast potatoes sits a triple-layer grilled sourdough behemoth, with fried eggs, ham, roasted pork loin, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and cilantro aioli.  August loved this breakfast version of a Cuban, with elements of savory and a mild hint of sweet thanks to the caramelization of onions.  Despite being called a sandwich, this is not something you could pick up or even want to, so be prepared to deconstruct it and build your own saporous bites with a knife and fork.

chicken fried steak and eggs

chicken fried steak and eggs

As a youngin’ Zach liked chicken fried steak but started to dislike it when he learned more about the importance of fresh, unprocessed foods.  Usually the patty would be frozen and the gravy came from a pack for the meals of his youth.  Zach got the chicken fried steak today because we know that Beach Cafe cooks home-style food and the quality would surpass the versions of childhood memories.  The steak had a light and crispy breading, and the meat itself on the inside was very fresh tasting, lean, and tender – he didn’t even use a knife.  The country gravy with small sausage bits was creamy but not heavy.  The potatoes, same as what August got with her sandwich, were fresh and hand-shredded, crisp on the outside and tender in the middle.  The cheddar scrambled eggs were cooked appropriately (light in texture yet not dried out).  The biscuit was scratch made and everything you could expect from a good biscuit.

Antonia and Ecko excelled in their duties as hostesses, understanding that we had a tram to catch for the NASCAR events.  Krista our waitress and Keiona her backup were pleasant and knowledgeable.  Sometime we might try the buffet, since there were plenty of happy eaters around us enjoying fare from the warming trays, but there are three separate menus for different times of day, therefore we’ll have fun coming back to explore further.

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