Hash House a Go Go, Las Vegas NV

We are in Las Vegas for NASCAR!  We already love coming here and staying at the beautifully remodeled and updated Tropicana, and we were invited to come down this weekend.  It will be awesome doing NASCAR tomorrow, but you know we’re equally excited about all the food on the Strip!

To clarify, there are three Hash Houses in Las Vegas; we went to the one in the still under construction QuadHash House A Go Go is known internationally for its “twisted farm food” thanks to being featured by the likes of Adam Richman and the New York Times.  They each have their favorite marked on the menu – maybe someday Hash House will print our “Seasoning And Salt favorite” too!

spiked kiwi watermelon lemonade

spiked kiwi watermelon lemonade

August had to get this not just because the layered colors were pretty for a picture and the flavor combination was yummy, but also because she got to keep the slanted glass.  There’s nothing wrong with the camera, that actually is slanted.  What a novelty.  Some people got a couple of glasses (guess they’re working on collecting a full set for home?) and their walk had the same lean.

pub crawl

pub crawl

Corned beef, rye, and Swiss always make August happy.  Griddled caramelized onions and spicy mustard set off this fork-worthy sandwich even more.  The corned beef is house made and very tender.  The rye bread is cut and grilled like Texas toast, thick but light.  The cheese is plentiful and melted just right.  The onions added a necessary sweetness to balance the savory meat and the spicy mustard.  The sandwiches here come with your choice of fries or a salad, and our waiter said the fries would make a good picture.  He was right, and it helps that the fries were fresh and tasty, too.

andy's sage fried chicken with maple reduction, two eggs, bacon mashed potatoes, and a biscuit

andy’s sage fried chicken with maple reduction, two eggs, bacon mashed potatoes, and a biscuit

We got here early enough for lunch that Zach could justify having a late breakfast.  Besides, August also wanted to know what the sage fried chicken was like.  The meat was both tender and crispy, and you are given a hefty portion.  The mashed potatoes were griddled with bacon so they were smoky and had an extra crisp thanks to the griddle.  The biscuit was a little crunchy, and nice and fluffy in the middle.  Hand whipped butter and house made strawberry jam were great complements.  Your two eggs come cooked to your preference, and Zach appreciated the fruit garnish with orange, strawberry and tomato.

We’re very pleased with the service here, as Jayson the bartender and Jose Alonso the manager on shift were super accommodating and pleasant to talk with.  Zach was really hungry when we arrived after our 10-hour road trip, and all he needed was a glass of milk to tide him over since we had to wait for a table; Jose got on it right away with no qualms.  Thumbs up all around to the front and the back of the house!

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