Lay’s Chips Do Us a Flavor: Taste Test of the Three Finalists

We like small batch chips, we don’t reach first to the corporate brands.  But, with the Do Us a Flavor campaign from Lay’s, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try something au currant.  The choices are cheesy garlic bread, chicken and waffles, and sriracha.  We found a bag of each to see which had the best flavor interpretation true to its name, and which tasted the best.  We’re not doing this to sway your vote, but to see for ourselves and have something to write about.  It would be great, of course, if our pick was the winner!

potato chip test 005

The cheesy garlic bread version had a medium level of Parmesan flavor, but was mild for the garlic if you are expecting the garlic bread flavor.  Zach thinks it could use more garlic, a more natural Parmesan taste, and something to replicate the butter flavor, as butter is an essential ingredient in garlic bread.  A hint of black pepper would be nice, but that’s Zach’s preference (not August’s).

potato chip test 001

Chicken and waffles “tastes sort of like the chicken and biscuit crackers you can find, but with a potato background and maple” (as per Zach).  It’s not like biting into a piece of fried chicken, but the mix of savory with a hint of a maple afternote is pleasant.  It would have been cute if the chips were cut like a waffle fry but thinner.

potato chip test 007

Sriracha is known as a spicy garlic chili sauce, so we expected at least two out of three of those elements to be present.  These chips were only mildly spicy, but that’s understandable since Frito Lay wants more people to like them.  However, the garlic level was not equal to how much you find in sriracha.  Additionally, the chips tasted more tangy than anything, and sriracha is not tangy.  Looking at the chips ingredients, there were lots of cheese powders, but there is no cheese in sriracha!  We suppose this one is called “sriracha” to draw attention, and beyond that there is no comparison.

Final conclusion: Chicken and waffles.  There already are cheesy and spicy chips out there, so try something new that tastes 100% faithful to its name.

Amended May 2013: The winner is… Cheesy Garlic Bread.  Congratulations to Karen Weber-Mendham!

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  1. Wow. Great review! Wish I can find these bags while they last.

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