A Day in Downtown Martinez, Part One: Victoria’s

Our one-and-only vehicle needed service today, so we brought it to our preferred garage in Martinez, but that left us with several hours to kill downtown.  We thought, what would it be like for people who had to come to the county seat for, let’s say, jury duty?  Where are some good places they can walk to and trust for a meal?  Today we sampled from three restaurants, to provide a spectrum of what’s not just available, but also great quality.

spinach, mushroom, bacon, avocado, and cheese omelet

spinach, mushroom, bacon, avocado, and cheese omelet

Victoria’s is a home-style cafe open every day for breakfast and lunch.  We got breakfast here since it was still pretty early.  The omelet we ordered doesn’t have its own name – in full, it is called the spinach, mushroom, bacon, avocado, and cheese omelet, with hash browns and toast on the side.  The egg of the omelet was light and fluffy, and the cook obviously knew what (s)he was doing because there was no brown or tough, chewy skin as a result of being cooked too quickly; eggs are supposed to be cooked “low and slow.”  The vegetables were all fresh and superbly sauteed, and it helped that the spinach was thoroughly washed (unlike the restaurant down the street).  There was an abundance of ripe avocado inside and out, and the bacon was crisp.  They don’t skimp on ingredients, but they know how to make a proper omelet as opposed to a scramble.  The thicker-cut hash browns were crispy but still had a tender potato center, and the toast was of high quality with oats on the outside and wheat germ mixed in.

In the past we’ve been here for lunch and have loved the Reuben and the beef melt.  Since we were here so early and knew we’d have to do lunch somewhere, we forwent our favorites to try this omelet for breakfast, and it’s on the list of favorites now, too.  Zach says that avocado isn’t his thing in an omelet, but it was different here and he really enjoyed it today.  The staff is always cheery and super friendly, so if you’re looking for fresh food and service with a smile, visit Victoria’s.

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