Yogurtland, Concord CA

Nearly 200 international locations are a testament to the success and popularity of Yogurtland.  We went to the Concord location last Sunday and had a blast tasting some of the flavors of the day.  They have 50 flavors listed on the website and 40 are non-fat.  The catch is that every day there are only about a fifth of the flavors on tap.  It’s an enticing way to get you to come back soon and see what’s different.  And yet to top it off, there are dozens of different crumbled cookies, cakes, candies, syrups, nuts, fruits, cereal, and more for toppings.  You can’t sample the toppings, but mini paper cups are at the front counter so that you can test the yogurt for yourself before concocting your creation.  Hover over an image to see names and details, or click to enlarge:

Zach selected the red velvet for his cup, and it was everything he hoped for: a rich red velvet cake flavor, creamy and velvety texture, just pure velvet.  He’s using the words “sinfully delectable,” and enjoyed tasting it so much he didn’t give it any toppings so as to have it unadulterated.  August mixed three flavors, double cookies and cream-lucky mint creme-pecan & pralines, all delicious, and topped with birthday cake bits and white chocolate chips.  Hers wasn’t picture worthy, but Zach swirled his yogurt really well for a picture for you.

red velvet cupcake batter, no toppings, and the spoons are biodegradable!

non-fat red velvet cupcake batter, no toppings, and the spoons are biodegradable!

Fortified with vitamin C, Kosher certified, and gluten-free, all the yogurts are made with real ingredients and flavors from the original source whenever possible – Belgian chocolate really is from Belgium.  The motto is “get real” and you can’t get more real with everything you find here.

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