Sunrise Bagels, Concord CA

super fresh variety

super fresh variety

Whenever possible, get bagels from a bagel shop instead of prepackaged from a grocery store.  Even the worst bagel shop’s bagels are far better than anything from a grocery store.  Because they are made fresh, shop bagels freeze better than grocery store bagels when kept in a high quality Ziploc freezer bag.  On top of it all, buying from a bagel shop supports local businesses as opposed to corporate chains.  Sunrise Bagels (next to Saigon Bistro) offers not only a fresh variety of bagels, but so many ways to turn them into sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, plus salads, pastries, and coffee drinks.  Zach’s impressed that they even have homemade bagel dogs, which looked pretty popular since many other customers were buying them at 7 in the morning.

eggwich with meat and cheese

eggwich with meat and cheese

Zach got an “eggwich with meat and cheese,” but he chose ham and bacon and two slices of cheese (so essentially double meat and cheese; they were happy to oblige).  The bagel itself was jalapeño cheese, and needless to say, the bagel was delicious.  It was crispy and had a good chew, like a bagel should be: dense, yet with a light texture.  The jalapeños added a nice spice to wake up your mouth on a cold morning.  The ham was tender, smoky, and sweet.  The bacon was crisp and cooked fresh – these aren’t your typical bacon microwavers.  The egg was light, fluffy, and very moist.  Two slices of cheese helped all the ingredients commingle to make a hearty, tasty bagel ‘wich.

sunrise eggwich

sunrise eggwich

August always goes towards mushrooms and spinach.  Her “Sunrise eggwich” on a garlic Parmesan bagel had both, plus provolone cheese and choice of meat – she went with ham.  The sharp salty-nuttiness from the Parmesan was a nice flavor contrast with the vegetables on the inside, and provolone balanced well with the ham.  It’s always a bonus when fresh vegetables are used.

Quick, filling, delicious, and run by a friendly owner, we highly recommend this place, for breakfast or lunch.

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