Fuddruckers, Concord CA

We had such amazing food at the Cloverdale Citrus Festival today, we needed a simple and cost-effective dinner.  But, we still wanted to find something to share with you.  Fuddruckers is known for amazing hamburgers and sandwiches, for which you can choose one of several meats: buffalo burger, ostrich burger, veggie burger (ok, not a meat), salmon filet, turkey burger, California turkey burger, elk burger, kobe beef burger, grilled or crispy chicken, ribeye, and crispy fish.  We’ve tried many of these before, but we’ve never considered the other options.  Tonight we challenged ourselves not to get our favorites, but something totally opposite from what’s expected from this restaurant.

jumbo hot dog

jumbo hot dog

As we did not get any corn dogs or hot dogs at the Citrus Fair, Zach tried Fuddruckers’ tonight, adding chili and cheese.  He also poured over it their famous cheese sauce with jalapeños.  The bread is made fresh daily and barely fits the 1/4 lb. hot dog with liberal amounts of chili and cheese.  The condiment bar has regular cheese sauce along with the jalapeño cheese sauce and a number of other items, so you could dress this up Chicago-style if you wanted.

napa valley salad

napa valley salad

August was bummed that she couldn’t finish her meal, it was that big and good.  The Napa Valley salad comes with romaine lettuce, blue cheese crumbles, apples, dried cranberries, almonds, and an Italian vinaigrette (unless you request a different dressing).  You also get your choice of grilled or crispy chicken; she went for grilled.  The apples were crispy, the blue cheese crumbles huge and plentiful, the chicken moist, and the piece of bread fresh and flat-top grilled for a crispier crust.  This was definitely a refreshing dinner to be had at a burger place.



We didn’t eat many of these at all since Zach’s dog and August’s salad were so big, but we wanted to give you an idea of the sides.  Frings, aka a basket of french fries and onion rings, could easily feed three to four people to go with their entrees.

over 100 different beverages

over 100 different beverages

For the soda junkies, check out the Coca Cola Freestyle!  If you haven’t seen one of these before, you’ll be impressed with how many different ways you can mix up your soda.

With locations in all but 16 states, and even a few in Canada, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, Fuddruckers is a growing corporate chain, popular for its variety of meat for burgers and sandwiches.  The location in Concord is franchise, not corporate, so they have a few differences from the standard menu.  The owner of the Concord Fuddruckers also runs four other locations in the Bay Area – Emeryville, Dublin, Union City, and Walnut Creek – so you can expect to find the same quality there that we found in Concord.  Terence, the manager here, was attentive, knowledgeable, and amiable in answering our questions.  Great job, Concord team!

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