The Habit, Pleasant Hill CA

For over 40 years, and now with almost 70 locations, The Habit is aptly named.  You’ll get roped in once you try it, and you can’t beat the prices for the supreme quality.

condiment variety

condiment variety

Walking to fill a soda cup, we passed by the pepper bar.  We thought this was a nice detail and something you don’t see often at all.  Ranch was available by request as they keep it cold behind the counter.

"double char" with cheese and bacon

“double char” with cheese and bacon on a plain bun

Zach says this place is smart because although there isn’t the biggest variety of burgers and sandwich (but you don’t need variety when there’s quality), they have lots to choose from when it comes to bread.  Typically the burgers come on a bun with seeds, but since Zach can’t eat seeds, he got to pick from wheat bun, French roll, grilled sourdough, and plain bun.  He went with the plain bun and also added cheese and bacon to his double.  A double burger from here is a little bit bigger than your average diner burger.  You’re not seeing double, though: adding cheese gets you two slices automatically!  The hormone-free beef for their burgers from Ideal Meat is juicy and flavorful.  The veggie toppings are cut fresh daily, which only enhances the taste.

tuna filet sandwich on wheat bun

tuna filet sandwich on wheat bun

Always the one to be different, August got the albacore tuna filet sandwich, standard with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, and teriyaki sauce.  Cooked medium, the fish was tender and moist, and a lighter lunchtime choice.  For its price you can’t get any better for the quality, because for them to serve their tuna at medium temperature, it has to be high quality and fresh.

(front to back): sweet potato fries, onion rings, and french fries

(front to back): sweet potato fries, onion rings, and french fries

All three sides we tried were perfectly salted.  August was even shocked at first upon seeing salted onion rings, until Zach told her that’s how they should be served and most restaurants do it wrong.  And oh, they taste so good when done right.  The sweet potato fries had a light coating to enhance the crispiness; the average place that makes sweet potato fries puts them out a little limp.

the habit 011The Habit has both shakes and malts, featuring chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, and coffee, made with real ice cream.  The whipped cream is real, too.  If you like Minute Maid light lemonade, they have refreshing pomegranate light lemonade here!  We spoke with Jaime, the manager, who was very informative and helpful in answering our questions about the food.  The staff is polite, so they’re doing a great job of keeping their customers and employees happy.  It’s a really, really busy place, but it’s worth it.

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