Melo’s Pizza and Pasta, Pleasant Hill CA

melo's pizza 002

Melo’s has been a local and trusted favorite for over 40 years.  Since we’ve been coming here, we have been impressed that they’ve kept up with serving consistent food.  So consistent, occasionally we get take-out because we know what we bring home will be awesome and we won’t have to come back in to get anything fixed.

Tonight for the first time we tried a vegetarian pizza – the Pizza Primavera.  This comes with marinated artichokes hearts, mushrooms, zucchini, olives, garlic, and fresh tomatoes placed all over after baking.  We highly recommend that you swap out the traditional red sauce for pesto, as we did.  There is enough flavor in this combination that meat eaters won’t miss the meat, and we can imagine that vegetarians appreciate the boldness and richness.  Even with a 10 minute drive home, the bottom of the pizza crust was crispy, none of the vegetables were soggy, the cheese was still creamy, and the tomatoes were very fresh.

A medium pizza at Melo’s (14 inches) compares to a large at your typical corporate chain, so be aware when you order!  With flavor and quality, they don’t disappoint.

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