The Cheese Steak Shop, Concord CA

We’re happy to see that this chain is expanding, as it was limited to the Bay Area for a long time.  On the Cheese Steak Shop’s website they have locations, the menu, their mission statement and slogan – CAUTION: May be habit forming.  It is.

oh, the variety

oh, the variety

For you, dear reader, we ordered way more than we needed.  We wanted to show you all of the wonderful possibilities.  And no, we didn’t eat all of it – there was a man outside who was hungry, so we donated one of the sandwiches to him.

7" deluxe

7″ deluxe

Reportedly a popular pick, the Deluxe Cheese Steak features pizza sauce, mushrooms, and provolone cheese.  You have a choice of including sauteed onions, sweet peppers, and hot peppers, mixed in or on the side, for all of the sandwiches.  For this one we got it all, and now we know why it’s called the Deluxe.  FYI – for you cheese steak purists, the Cheese Steak Shop offers traditional cheese sauce, aka cheese whiz, to pour over your sandwich.

10" spinach

10″ spinach

If 7 inches isn’t enough, try 10.  The Spinach Cheese Steak also comes with mushrooms mixed into its meat and cheese, so you can fake yourself into thinking it’s “healthier.”  Undoubtedly, though, it is tasty.  The bread they use here for all their sandwiches is directly shipped from Amoroso’s Bakery in Philadelphia, as they do their best to serve “original Philly style” cheese steaks out here in the West.

15" garlic

15″ garlic

Enough to feed two people (or one active adolescent), we got this 15-incher Garlic style.  Whole roasted garlic cloves abound throughout.  For the picture we put hot peppers on the left and sweet on the right – Zach sits on the left, August on the right.

tastykakes in california!

tastykakes in california!

The first time August heard of Tastykakes was reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, and she thought they were fictitious. They are only available in Southern, Midwestern, and Northeastern states, so growing up in California, August had never heard of them.  So if you’re a fan of these but you have relocated to the Bay Area, find them at your nearest Cheese Steak Shop!

deals and specials

deals and specials

For over 30 years this chain has served delicious food, and they show their appreciation in a number of ways.  They know their sandwiches really are habit forming, and there’s no cure except more.

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