Jack’s, Pleasant Hill CA

We got up early today, knowing it is going to be a big day of food.  A 2.1 oz. black truffle arrived on Friday from Italy, so we’re going to put it in all the Superbowl-influenced recipes later in the day.  For the morning, since we still had to do some grocery shopping, we thought to go out to one of the best sit-down, non-cafes in the area for breakfast.  Jack’s has two locations now, and we’re fortunate to live so close to the original.  They feature a bar and menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we come here almost exclusively for breakfast and order the same thing every time.  Not that other items on the menus aren’t good, of course, but once you find something you love, it’s hard not to order it.

swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter

swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter

August’s staple is the Swedish pancakes.  Forgive the tri-colored pancakes, they usually don’t look like that; we spoke with the chef and he said he would talk to the kitchen.  However, the flavor was not compromised.  These thin cakes are served with maple syrup and lingonberry butter, but the syrup isn’t necessary.  All the pancakes need is the lingonberry butter, which has an added benefit that not many know about.  August’s full-blooded Swedish grandmother sent her a page from TIME Magazine (Jan 21, 2013 issue) about superfruits, and lingonberries are one of them.  Loaded with phytochemicals like arbutin and anthocyanin, these powerful Scandinavian fruits help fight urinary-tract infections.  And they’re tasty.

the "moose"

the “moose”

Zach traditionally orders “the Moose.”  Layered with biscuits, hash browns, bacon, gravy, eggs any style (he gets over-medium), and garnished with tomatoes and green onions, the Moose is hefty and we always bring half of it home to our dog; it’s “extremely, extremely big” (Zach).  There’s even a “Mighty Moose” that comes with country fried steak!

Zach appreciates this establishment because a majority of the items here are house-made from scratch.  Regardless of what you order, service here is incredible.  We keep coming back not just for the food, but for the welcoming staff.  This place is so popular, though, don’t expect to get a table easily at 10 am – we arrive when it opens at 8 am, so there’s parking, bright-eyed staff, and fresh food every time.

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