Antipasto Español

antipasto espanol 001

Our first finger food items for Superbowl were assorted Spanish and Spanish-inspired products.  As today’s theme in our house was truffles, the highlight of this selection was the truffle honey (center, next to what’s left of the giant truffle flown in from Italy).  The Blarney Castle cheese, while not Spanish, went well with all the elements.  Cantaloup with jamón and chorizo was new for Zach, and he liked it.  He especially liked the sweet olive oil tortas (left) with sugar and anise.  Olives are a must when it comes to building a Spanish platter, and the lightly salted almonds go great with any beer.  The mini olive oil bread sticks (right) were light, simple, and a delight when dipped in the honey.  We can’t quite call this a recipe since we didn’t make anything, and this isn’t entirely a product review; either way, hopefully it will inspire you to try something similar.

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  1. This is my kind of feast! Great selection 🙂

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