Fleming’s Steakhouse, Walnut Creek CA

Spurred by discussion on our Facebook page, we went to Fleming’s tonight.  We joined some friends, and besides good conversation, we got to enjoy their food vicariously and can now share it with you!

We started at a comfortable table, however the lighting was dark and we were unable to take pictures of anything.  Fortunately, management was more than accommodating and happily and swiftly moved us to another table, where we were able to take the pictures you see below.  Even the server’s assistant (we believe his name was Daniel) was pleasant in assisting us.

fleming's 004

bread and two flavored butters

The starter bread was a nice ease into the flavors of the night.  It came with two well concepted butters: roasted tomato, and feta chardonnay.  The bread itself was sourdough, great in flavor and texture.

fleming's 006

lobster tempura

Our first appetizer was lobster tempura.  Hot, fresh, perfectly cooked, buttery, still juicy, with a killer soy ginger dipping sauce, and arugula, carrot, jicama salad, this is something we will definitely order again.  It was so good, Zach wanted to gnaw on the leftover tail, and he sopped up the leftover sauce with bread.

baked brie in puffed pastry with candied walnuts and apples

baked brie in puffed pastry with candied walnuts and apples

Zach surprised himself by liking the brie.  What helped was the apple came two ways: fresh, thin slices of Gala, and finely cubed and baked inside the pastry with the brie.  Texture and flavor-wise, the candied walnuts complimented the fruit and cheese.  August will be asking Zach to recreate this at home.

fleming's take on a caesar

fleming’s take on a caesar

Instead of crouton, crustini.  Instead of grilled chicken, prosciutto.  And in addition, fried capers!  Of course there was the requisite Parmesan cheese and romaine lettuce, and the dressing was well balanced with anchovy, garlic, and vinegar.  This is a take on a Caesar that we would readily take on again.

fleming's potatoes

fleming’s potatoes

Fleming’s version of scalloped potatoes is layered with cream, jalapeños, and cheddar cheese.  It was flavorful and not too spicy, and the crispy cheese layer that topped it off was deliciously browned.  Don’t be afraid of the jalapeños, as this was a table favorite, even for those who don’t usually do spicy.

grilled asparagus

grilled asparagus

One of our friends loves asparagus.  Her steak came with it, but she ordered an additional side.  She said these were great, with a sauce of olive oil, salt, roasted red peppers, and stone ground mustard.  The asparagus was tender, but still had snap.  And readers, if you didn’t know it, there is an Asparagus Festival coming up in April!  We have it and other events listed here.

chipotle cheddar macaroni and cheese

chipotle cheddar macaroni and cheese

This was “the best macaroni and cheese” one of our friends had “ever had,” and normally she avoids mac n’ cheese at all costs.  Creamy, cheesy, smoky, with perfectly cooked leeks, the cavatappi pasta was overflowing with richness.  This is something we look forward to getting every time we come.

porcini-rubbed filet mignon with creamy gorgonzola sauce

porcini-rubbed filet mignon with creamy gorgonzola sauce

August was in love with her center-cut filet mignon.  The gorgonzola sauce was what made it so good.  The meat was of excellent quality, yes, but often it’s the extras that make a dish special.  She was sad to see an empty plate when she was done.

petite filet oscar style

petite filet oscar style

Zach loves Oscar style almost every time he gets a steak.  It’s kind of like his litmus test when going to steakhouses, and Fleming’s passes.  The steak was cooked to his desired temperature (everyone at the table was happy with their meats’ done-ness, actually) with a nice sear around the tender inside.  There was a good amount of fresh lump crab, and the Béarnaise sauce was tangy and lush.  Tarragon (a key element for Béarnaise) has a tendency to be a strong flavor, but it wasn’t overpowering in this dish.

All of us were too stuffed for dessert, but we made room for the delightful chocolate truffles that were brought out to us.  Management and service were impeccable and went well above our expectations in terms of taking care of us and our requests.  Our waiter was jovial and confident and helped make our experience a joy.  There are Fleming’s all over the country, so find your nearest one and hopefully you will have as great a time as we did.

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