Restaurante El Salvador, Concord CA

We love that being in an urban area allows us to experience so many different foods.  One of our favorite restaurants within a short drive from our place is Restaurante El Salvador.  Serving traditional foods and ingredients from El Salvador, this is a hole-in-the-wall worth seeking out.

pupusas with cheese and loroco; sides of rice, beans, and "crudito"

pupusas with cheese and loroco; sides of rice, beans, crudito and salsa rojo

Almost always, one if not both of us orders pupusas.  Pupusas are kind of like inside-out simple tacos – instead of wrapping the bread-like part around the filling, the filling is inside of the bread.  Pupusas can be made with either corn masa or rice flour (pictured here are with corn masa).  August’s favorite is pupusa de queso y loroco, and the special crudito cole slaw and red sauce are absolutely necessary garnishes to complete each bite.

plato salvadoreño

plato salvadoreño

Zach ordered the plato salvadoreño, which has a sampling of all the best flavors of El Salvador and a couple tortillas.  Normally it comes with beans and rice separate, but he asked for the casamiento where the beans and rice are mixed.  The big white hunk laying over the salad is delicious queso fresco.  The featured meats are grilled chicken, beef, shrimp, and a chorizo sausage, with sauteed tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

The environment is entirely unassuming, practically humble, but don’t let the facade deter you from the food.  Saturday nights the place turns into a dance club, and while we’ve never been during that time, we can guess the joint is poppin’.  Because everything is hand-made by madres and abuelas in the back, each time there is a tiny bit of variance in the food.  For example, the salsa that came with the pre-meal chips was particularly spicy today, even for Zach, but the flavors of everything here are always wonderful.

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  1. It was delightful and delicious when you turned Lyle and me on to Restaurante El Salvador. We’ll visit again, when we’re down.

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