Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Comparison: Dryer’s vs. Safeway

Cookie dough ice cream is one of August’s favorite flavors.  She loves cookie dough raw, so in an ice cream she wants an abundance of dough.  We went to our local Safeway planning on comparing the amount of dough in Ben & Jerry’s vs. Häagen-Dazs, but there was a 2 oz. difference so it wouldn’t have been a fair comparison.  We looked up and down the ice cream aisle to find the same flavor, same quantity, and two brands – Dryer’s and Safeway – both make “slow-churned, half the fat” chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in 1.5 quart containers.

Taste/Texture Test

Dryer’s vanilla ice cream base had a stronger vanilla flavor compared to Safeway, and the Dryer’s was more natural while Safeway tasted like artificial vanilla.  The Safeway ice cream was lighter and fluffier in texture, but not as creamy and dense as the Dryer’s.  Final verdict on taste/texture: the balance of Dryer’s was good between the vanilla and sweet cream flavors, and the creaminess resembles a gelato consistency.

Cookie Dough and Chocolate Test

To see how much actual cookie dough was in each ice cream, Zach used a strainer and a sifter to drain the ice cream and reveal the chunks.  The picture demonstrates not only the difference in quantity, but also the ratio of dough to chocolate.

chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, dough and chocolate quantity results

chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, dough and chocolate quantity results

We were surprised to find out that no chocolate is actually in the dough; rather, there are chunks of dough and chunks of chocolate.  Safeway had a lot more chocolate in their mix, but the chocolate was bloomed.  The total amount of dough and chocolate in 1.5 quarts of Safeway’s version was 78.4 grams, but Dryer’s had 34.9 grams more of dough and chocolate, coming in at 113.3 grams.  Final verdict on dough and chocolate: If you like lots of cookie dough, definitely go for Dryer’s, but if you like more chocolate, pick Safeway.

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