Wrap-Up of the Napa Truffle Festival, Oxbow Public Market

There was so much going on yesterday at the Oxbow, we had to take a day to digest it all (pun intended).  The array of truffled foods available from the participating merchants was impressive and extensive!  We didn’t get to try it all, but wanted to share with you what we could.

gott's truffled niman ranch slider

gott’s truffled niman ranch slider

Gott’s Roadside was our first stop.  We wanted to give them a second try after Friday night.

kitchen door's pappardelle pasta

kitchen door’s pappardelle pasta

Kitchen Door had a pappardelle pasta with cream sauce, soft poached egg, wild mushroom ragout, and shaved black truffle.  The pasta was cooked al dente, and the cream sauce with the mushrooms went well with the abundance of truffles – especially impressive for the price of the dish.  The egg was perfect with runny yolk and the white fully cooked.

kitchen door's hen of the woods flat bread pizza

kitchen door’s hen of the woods flat bread pizza

Their regular menu item was excellent, as well, and we’re happy it’s something we can come back to and order again.  With hen of the woods mushrooms, parmesan cream, provolone, mozzarella, rosemary and arugula, it was devoured quickly.  Zach says, “If the pasta and pizza were that good, then the rest of the menu must be amazing.  This place pays great attention to detail, and you shouldn’t pass it up.”

la crepe!'s "tuxedo" crepe with truffled ricotta

la crepe!’s “tuxedo” crepe with truffled ricotta

August loves pretty much all crepes, and La Crepe! gave her one for the record books under the delicious category.  The ricotta was infused with truffles and “a touch of honey,” and the tuxedo motif with berry buttons and the White Rabbit’s white chocolate watch were just too cute!

pica pica maize kitchen's truffled yucca fries

pica pica maize kitchen’s truffled yuca fries

The yuca fries were so incredible, but dear lord, why is your stomach only so big?!  At this point we were getting really full – and keep in mind, up until the crepe, we had been sharing between four people!  The yuca was so crispy, but so light and fluffy on the inside.  Pica Pica Maize Kitchen gave these to us tossed in a creamy aioli with an “over the top black truffle flavor” (as per Zach), and we were so sad not to be able to finish them.

five dot ranch's prime rib slider

five dot ranch’s prime rib slider

August had had enough at this point, so Zach tried a bite of the Five Dot Ranch truffle item.  They prepared a prime rib slider with horseradish aioli and truffle vinaigrette.

c casa's truffled enchiladas

c casa’s truffled enchiladas

With goat cheese and truffled wild mushrooms, C Casa put out some enchiladas that looked delicious.  We wanted to take a picture to share with you at least, but we had no room to try any more food so we gave it to another group of happy truffle tasters.

ca' momi enoteca's truffled pizza

ca’ momi enoteca’s truffled pizza

The final meal of our Napa Truffle Festival experience was the truffled pizza from Ca’ Momi Enoteca (we got it to go for the car ride home).  This Italian eatery has a masterful chef in the kitchen who himself is also a vintner, as Ca’ Momi has a winery, as well.  We got to chat with the pleasant Chef Dario de Conti, born in Italy but California has been lucky to have him for the last ten years.  He created this Neapolitan style pizza with organic mozzarella, fontina, white forest mushrooms, and sliced truffles.  The pizza was wood-fired, thus the dough was tender yet crisp with a very light smoky flavor.  The two cheeses were perfectly paired: one sharp with bite, and the other mild and creamy.  The white forest mushrooms went well with the black truffles, so neither overpowered the other.

Overall, the Oxbow was an amazing host to all the truffles and wine, but the day was too short.  If you’re going to attend next year, we strongly recommend that you get there as soon as it opens.  We didn’t get to try five of the advertised “marketplace highlights” listed in the day’s program, nor did we catch either of the two cooking demos, so four hours wasn’t nearly enough time.  Come with a team and a plan of attack so that you can go out to collect items, then have a buffet to share!

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