Gott’s Roadside, Napa CA

We are in Napa for the Napa Truffle Festival, but dinner was not part of their itinerary for tonight.  After the meet-and-greet reception at the Westin Verasa with wine tasting and truffled appetizers, we went to Gott’s Roadside for some burgers we had heard good things about for a long time.  Even Guy Fieri on the Food Network said this place is worth a try.

chili cheese fries and bacon cheeseburger

chili cheese fries and bacon cheeseburger

Gott’s proclaims that many of their items are “house-made,” such as the chili.  Zach ordered chili cheese fries, topped with cheddar cheese and green onions.  The chili was definitely house-made, Zach concurred, but it was as if they were trying to recreate the flavor of Stagg.  The fries themselves were no different from your average fast food joint – processed, frozen, and cheap.  The burger he ordered wasn’t much better.  His bacon cheeseburger came with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and secret sauce, but compare $9.99 for that to $4.20 for a McDonald’s Big Mac, and the choice is clear.  If they had used ingredients better than McDonald’s that would be different; their Niman Ranch beef that is “ground fresh daily” was over-handled and hard pressed into patties, resulting in a horrendously tough texture.  August’s Wisconsin sourdough burger with grilled mushrooms, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo and barbeque sauce was sloppily put together with no attention to portions (in addition to beef with nasty texture), but at least it tasted better than the frozen onion rings she ordered and only ate one of.  The bacon was chewy and undercooked in both burgers, so there was nothing redeeming about our meals.

wisconsin sourdough cheeseburger and onion rings

wisconsin sourdough cheeseburger and onion rings

We’re not condoning McDonald’s, McDonald’s is not good food at all, but honestly it was a waste of money to go to Gott’s.  If you’re really craving a good quality burger, just stick to In-N-Out because Guy lied.

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