Damo Sushi, Pleasant Hill CA

Thanks to our location on the Pacific Rim, we get all the influence and ingredients necessary for some awesome sushi.  Damo Sushi takes it to the next level, with an extremely broad variety of Japanese cuisine and pages of specialty sushi rolls.

shrimp and vegetable tempura

shrimp and vegetable tempura

For our appetizer we ordered shrimp and vegetable tempura.  The shrimp was appropriately salted and perfectly cooked, with a very crispy tempura outside and succulent, juicy meat on the inside.  The vegetables (carrot, turnip, onion, broccoli, yellow potato, zucchini, and Kabocha squash) were equally as perfect as the shrimp – none was overcooked, and the broccoli was especially done well, since typically broccoli is difficult to do as tempura.

nabe udon

nabe udon

Next we tried their nabe udon, a very large bowl of soup.  We didn’t realize it would be so big.  Regardless, the soup was exploding with flavor, starting with the rich broth.  The chicken was very moist and flavorful, as it had been marinated in sesame oil.  The noodles were on point, al dente.  The abundance of vegetables was delicious, with mushrooms, carrots, onion, cabbage, and green onion and radish for garnish.  There was also a soft poached egg, which was a delightful addition to this soup when broken and mixed.  It was also nice getting a third tempura shrimp!

mexico city roll (left) and sun flower roll

mexico city roll (left) and sun flower roll

For our final round we flipped to the Damo Chef Special section of the menu – three pages of beautiful pictures of rolls.  Zach selected the Mexico City Roll with cream cheese, shrimp tempura, and crab on the inside; and spicy tuna, spicy mayonnaise, unagi, unagi sauce, and jalapeño on the outside.  The menu listed tobiko also but there was none, although it was unnecessary in Zach’s opinion anyway: “It would have been way too much.”  All the ingredients were well balanced between sweet and spicy, and it was nice that there were multiple textures – crispy, creamy, tender.  August’s choice was the Sun Flower Roll, filled with crab, cucumber, and shrimp tempura, with salmon, tuna, white tuna, unagi, unagi sauce, hamachi, avocado, sweet wasabi, and tobiko on top.  She wanted this one precisely because it had so much going on, and it was like a fantastic burst of flavor and texture.

We are always on the search for hand made, attention to detail, finely crafted food.  If you are in the mood for sushi, Damo will not disappoint.

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