Blue Cheese Dressing Comparison: Litehouse vs. Marie’s

We love blue cheese.  Really love it.  Since childhood we both used blue cheese on our salads.  But, there are so many different kinds of blue cheese dressing!  How do you know which one to choose?

We bought two blue cheese dressings to compare and share our results.  Litehouse and Marie’s are popular brands found in most grocery stores, so we picked their “chunkiest” versions: Litehouse “Ultra Premium Big Blue Dressing and Dip with Extra Chunks of Idaho Blue Cheese,” and Marie’s “Premium Super Blue Cheese Dressing with 25% More Blue Cheese.”

Taste Test

We each stirred a fork in the Litehouse and made sure to find a chunk of blue cheese for the bite.  We noted that the dressing/dip was thick with small chunks of blue cheese.  The tangy flavor from the buttermilk and vinegar is not overpowering, as it is balanced with additional spices of garlic, pepper, and onion.  Final verdict on taste: Zach says, “This is a good choice if you don’t like an overwhelming blue cheese flavor.  The blue cheese is a mild note, and the spices come through more.”

Using the same procedure as the first dressing, we tasted the Marie’s.  This dressing, although not labeled as a dip, was noticeably thicker and chunkier with larger chunks of blue cheese.  The additional spices seemed like a afterthought, as the blue flavor was much stronger and more bitter than the first dressing.  The bitterness of the blue chunks, mixed with the buttermilk and vinegar, resulted in a much tangier taste compared to Litehouse.  Final verdict on taste: August says, “I like a really strong blue cheese flavor, and you’re going to get that with Marie’s.”

Chunkiness Test

To see how much actual blue cheese was in each dressing, Zach used a strainer and a sifter to drain the dressing and reveal the chunks.  As you can see in the picture, Marie’s blew Litehouse out of the water (puns intended).

blue cheese dressing chunkiness test results

blue cheese dressing chunkiness test results

Marie’s had a total of 31.5 grams of chunks, while Litehouse had 9.5 grams.  We weighed the bowls before collecting the blue cheese, so don’t worry, measures were taken to ensure scientific rigor.  Final verdict on chunkiness: If you like chunks and lots of them with a bold flavor, get Marie’s.  If you like a creamier dressing, go for Litehouse.

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  1. Nothing like a baked potato with bleu cheese dressing!!!

  2. remember the wheel of bleu chese at Jenny Ansolabehere’s wedding?? I thought you were going to eat the entire thing!!! LOL

  3. Maria’s is good stuff! Nice to see the comparison.

  4. This is a good article. Thank you for doing the very well done comparison. I’ve never seen the Litehouse dressing before. My vote will always go for Marie’s blue cheese. I love it!

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