FiberOne Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

fiberonebrownie 002

Often when we hear “fiber” we think cardboard.  That is most definitely not the case for FiberOne’s line of brownies.  We tried the chocolate peanut butter variety, and we were very surprised.

For a high fiber product, Zach thought it would be gritty and grainy, but it was nothing like his expectations.  He also noted that, even at 90 calories, it was fairly filling for a snack.  Indeed, it is small, but it is delicious.

Despite its size and the “fiber” label, the brownie had an abundance of peanut butter in two forms: chips on the inside, drizzle on the out.  The natural peanut butter balanced well with the chocolate, so it was not overly sweet.  It was unexpected how moist it was, being a processed food product and not fresh from the local bakery.

If you have a sweet tooth, or if you have trouble getting fiber into your diet, give these a try.

fiberonebrownie 009

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